Quack and the Pneumatic Ducks, 1966

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8th grade (1966-67) pictures from the Earl Warren Jr. High Caballitos yearbook.

Bill Lawrence, 8th grade
Bill Lawrence - Lead Guitar
Carl Geiberger, 8th grade
Carl Geiberger - Organ 
(but doesn't have one yet)
Monte Etherton, 8th grade
Monte Etherton - Wannabe Drummer
(never played, no instrument)
Larry Minton, 8th grade
Larry Minton - Autoharp,
with intent to get mandolin.
Chip Chapin, 8th grade
Chip Chapin - Wannabe Drummer
(never played, no instrument)
Quack and the Pneumatic Ducks
8th Grade, Fall, 1966 
(Earl Warren 1967 Caballitos yearbook)
Kim Hujsak, 8th grade
Kim Hujsak - Rhythm Guitar
Chris Kane, 8th grade
Chris Kane - Clarinet

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