Notes from Chip's Mom's Engagement Calendars, 1966-1972

For at least 50 years it has been the habit of my mother, Helen G. Chapin, to briefly record events in her daily engagement calendar.  After trying without much success to reconstruct a list of band gigs and other events, it suddenly occurred to me that I should check my mom's calendars.

I reviewed her calendars for the years 1966 through 1972 and copied everything related to the band and our friends, plus a few other events when they seemed even distantly relevant.  I've left out a huge amount of other material, but these notes are a very helpful resource for the history of the Cinnimon Haze band.  My mom's notes on my own activities are very detailed prior to 10/21/69 when I got my drivers license.  After that they are less complete, especially during periods when my mother was ill or distracted with other events.

I've added a few annotations, they are in italics.  The rest of the words are all hers except for an occasional paraphrase.
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1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972

Besides the band, there are two other recurring group activities that need some explanation:

The San Dieguito Cotillion was a sort of dance academy and school of social graces for young ladies and gentlemen.  When I started reading these calendars I was pretty sure that I must have stopped going to Cotillion after the 6th or 7th grade.  I could not have been more wrong!  Apparently I not only continued with Cotillion through the 10th grade (1968-69) but even participated in "Assembly", a similar function that drew from more of the San Diego area, during 11th grade (1969-70) and the start of 12th..  It is remarkable to me that I remember so little of it, and more surprising that I dance so poorly today.
"Up With People"
In early 1969 (10th grade) I joined the band for the San Dieguito "Up With People" group, replacing excellent bassist Gary Kleinschmidt.  Bill and Larry also played in this band at some point, and even Monte played at least once.  This was my first experience (a) playing bass parts from sheet music and (b) playing accompaniment other than memorized rock tunes with the band.  It was a stretch for me.  I've included all the dates because they were such a big part of our lives during this period.  Sing Out San Dieguito's "Up With People" group really deserves a web page of its own.
-- Chip Chapin
Updated July 12, 2000

1966 7th Grade at Earl Warren Jr. High
[There is nothing at all about the band in 1966]
8th grade at Earl Warren Jr. High
Fri 12/30/66 7pm-10:30pm party at Liz Mann's- Solana Beach
1967 8th grade at Earl Warren Jr. High
Sat 2/25/67 8:30pm-10:30pm Cotillion at RSF school- 8th and 9th grades
Thu 3/2/67 7:30pm Earl Warren Science Fair- Chip's trophy (Triangular Numbers)
Sat 3/4/67 1pm-4pm Chip at Larry Minton's for little music group rehearsal.  [Oh yeah, there it is.  First mention of the band]
Sat 3/18/67 8:30-10:30 San Dieguito Cotillion (8th and 9th grades)-Garden Club
Wed 3/22/67 6:30pm Chip to David Holmerud's b.d. party
Sat 4/1/67 6pm-10pm Chip to surprise b.d. party for Madeline Scalice (by Nancy Fisher)
Sun 4/2/67 1pm Chip to his band practice at Larry Minton's.
Sat 4/8/67 8:30pm-10:30 Cotillion- Garden Club.  C&I chaperon with Peg & Fred Booth.  Chip home with cold.
Fri 4/14/67 7pm Chip to Mann's party.
Fri 4/28/67 6pm-10pm Chip to b.d. party at Killarney Carnohan's
Sat 4/29/67 8:30p-10:30 San Dieguito Cotillion.  Garden Club
Mon 5/1/67 Took Chip- Monte and Carl Geiberger to Escondido. FINDER'S: Chip's bass guitar
Tue 5/2/67 Chip's 1st guitar lesson - Mr. Don Quilter- Finder's Music.
Sun 5/7/67 afternoon Chip's BAND here- Larry Minton- Monte- Carl- Kim- Chris Kane & Bill Lawrence
Sun 5/14/67 2:30pm Chip's BAND at Kim Hujsak's
Fri 5/19/67 6-10pm "Twig's" party- Crest Del Mar
Sat 5/20/67 8:30pm-10:30 Cotillion- Garden Club
Tue 5/30/67 12:30pm Chip to Monte Etherton's for band practice
Wed 5/31/67 morning Return guitar. [I.e. return the rented bass to Finders.  The Beatle bass must have arrived.]
Sat 6/3/67 7-10:30pm Cotillion dinner dance- Torrey Pines Inn (Chip with Kanes)
Sat 6/10/67 morning Chip & I to Escondido to rent bass amplifier- Finder's Music
Sat 6/10/67 12:30pm Chip to band rehearsal at Bill Lawrence's- 15th- Del Mar
Sat 6/11/67 12:30pm Chip's band group practiced at our house till 6-- Monte- Chip- Bill Lawrence- Larry Minton- Kim Hujsak- Chris Kane- Carl Geiberger.
Tue 6/13/67 4:30pm Chip's band group practiced at Bill Lawrence's
Wed 6/14/67 4:30pm Chip to band practice both this afternoon and Chris Kane's
Thu 6/15/67 morning Chip's band plays twice today at school: 1st period class party (and) after Awards Assembly.
Fri 6/16/67 Last day of school at Earl Warren (end of 8th grade)
Mon 7/3/67 11am Drove Chip- Monte & Kim to San Diego to look for amplifiers (Ace- Finder- Thearle- Sears)
Wed 7/19/67 12:30pm Large luncheon under umbrella tables by the pool (28).  The 7 boys of Chip's band group arrived to practice and to play 1:30 to 2:30.  Chip- Monte- Kim- Chris- Carl- Bill- Larry.
Mon 7/31/67 Took Chip & Monte to & from 1:30-5:30 band at Geibergers.
Mon 8/7/67 2 trips to Ford Ave Solana Beach for Chip's band practice at Scalise house.
Tue 8/8/67 morning Took 5 of 7 band members to S.D. to Apex Music Co. to replace speaker in Chip's new amplifier.  Lunch at Oscar's- Hwy 101.
Th 8/10/67 4pm Took Chip- Monte & Kim to pickup Chip's "amp" at Apex Music.  Rented additional amp (Dave's).
Th 8/10/67 7:30pm Band practice (all but Chris) in our library.
Th 8/31/67 4:30pm Band rehearsal at Chris Kane's
Sat 9/2/67 4pm-5:30 Band rehearsal at Larry Minton's
Sat 9/2/67 6:30-8:30pm Chip's band group of 7 plays for a Jr. Tennis Club gathering at RSF Golf Club.
Tue 9/5/67 1:30pm Chip's band rehearsal here.
Sun 9/10/67 2-6pm Chip to band rehearsal at Kane's.
[Start of 9th Grade at Earl Warren Jr. High]
Sat 10/14/67 8:30-10:30pm Cotillion at Garden Club
Fri 10/20/67 evening Chip's band rehearsal here.
Sat 10/21/67 afternoon Chip's band rehearsal here
Sat 10/21/67 7:30pm Band - Etherton's
Sun 10/22/67 afternoon Chip's band rehearsal here.
Note: Band Membership (7) Chip- Monte- Kim- Bill- Carl- Larry- Susie Calen [first mention of Suzie Calen]
Wed 10/25/67 7pm Chip to band rehearsal at Susie Calen's Del Mar.
Fri 10/27/67 7pm Chip to band rehearsal at Calen's
Sat 10/28/67 1pm Band rehearsal at Susie Calen's
Sat 10/28/67 7pm-9:30pm Chip's band plays for dance at St. Peter's Church - Del Mar
Sat 11/8/67 8:30pm-10:30pm Cotillion - Garden Club
Sun 11/26/67 7pm Chip's band rehearsed at Bill Lawrence's
Mon 11/27/67 7pm Chip's band rehearsed at Bill Lawrence's
Tue 11/28/67 7pm Chip's band rehearsed at Bill Lawrence's
Sat 12/2/67 7pm-10pm Chip's band plays for 2nd dance at St. Peter's Church - Del Mar
Sat 12/9/67 8:30pm-10:30pm Cotillion - Garden Club

1968 9th Grade at Earl Warren Jr. High
Sat 1/6/68 8:30pm-10:30pm Cotillion
Sun 1/7/68 Note: "Chip's band 'Cinnimon Haze' rehearsing here this week." [I suppose that means we rehearsed nearly every night]
Sun 1/14/68 pm Band rehearsal here in pm
Mon 1/15/68 evening Band rehearsal here in eve.
Wed 1/17/68 evening Band rehearsal here in eve.
Thu 1/18/68 evening Band rehearsal here in eve.
Fri 1/19/68 evening Band rehearsal here in eve.
Sat 1/20/68 3pm Band rehearsal here: Chip- Susie- Monte- Kim- Carl- Bill
Sat 1/20/68 6:30pm After hamburger dinner for 8 I took Chip- Kim & instruments to Methodist Church- Birmingham Ave to play for dance (others with Monte)
Sat 2/3/68 evening San Dieguito Cotillion at EW Jr. High.  Chip's band group.
Sat 2/17/68 1-4pm Be at dress reh. at San Dieguito High and to help chaperone.
Sat 2/17/68 Earl Warren Jr. Hi Variety Show.  Chip's band plays.
Wed 2/21/68 evening Band practice at Monte's
Thu 2/22/68 pm I took Chip & Monte down to Apex Music Co. 7th Ave SD.  Chip got new Fender bass guitar. [It was a used Fender Precision.  I should have kept it.]
Fri 2/24/68 evening Band practice at Bill Lawrence's
Sat 2/25/68 2pm Cihp's band practice here.
Th 2/29/68 3:30pm-5pm Chip's band group Cinnimon Haze played for the Peagreen (7th grade) dance at EW. [This would have been the "Sadie Hawkins" dance, since it's on 2/29.]
Fri 3/1/68 7pm Chip to party at Monte's
Sun 3/3/68 8pm Chip- Monte- Katy Gross- Lita Cook- Bill Lawrence & neighbor Brad to Riding Club Teen Dance [not clear if we played for this]
Sat 3/16/68 evening Cotillion- Garden Club
Tue 3/26/68 Band rehearsal here
Wed 3/27/68 Band rehearsal here
Thu 3/28/68 4pm Band rehearsal here
Fri 3/29/68 The "Cinnimon Haze" band plays for Blossom Day dance at EW.
Sat 4/13/68 11am-1:30pm Chip & I picked up Monte & Kim at Ethertons to go to Escondido
Sat 4/27/68 Cotillion
Fri 5/3/68 Chip- Monte- Kim- & others helped at Rancho School Field Day.
Fri 5/3/68 2pm I took those 3 boys to SD to rent another amplifier for the band.
Sun 5/5/68 Chip to afternoon band rehearsal - Lawrences.  ...Picked up Chip- Monte- Kim- Carl
Mon 5/6/68 evening Chip's band practiced at Bill Lawrence's
Fri 5/10/68 afternoon Chip's band plays at Oak Crest Jr. High
Fri 5/10/68 evening Band at San Dieguito High
Wed 5/15/68 5pm Pick up Chip- Monte- Kim after band played for "Peagreen"(7th) dance.
Fri 5/24/68 Earl Warren 9th grade Aloha Dance [did we play for this?]
Sat 5/25/68 5:30pm-7pm Chip's band Cinnimon Haze plays for 7th grade Cotillion at Garden Club
Sat 5/25/68 7pm-10:30pm San Dieguito Cotillion dinner dance- La Costa Country Club Ventana Room
Sat 6/1/68 9am Leave to take Chip- Kim & Carl to Ace Music &others inc. Heathkit - S.D.
Thu 6/6/68 evening Band rehearsal here in library
Sat 6/8/68 day Band rehearsal here in library
Mon 6/17/68 First day of Chip's summer school (8-12) at San Dieguito High
Tue 6/18/68 afternoon Chip to Disneyland after Summer School from St.Peter's Church (Hujsaks bring him home tonight).
Wed 6/19/68 No more summer schoool for Chip as he would not receive advanced geometry credit
xxx 7/22/68 Chip practicing at Ethertons
xxx 8/18/68 12pm Chip to rehearsal at David Blair's
Thu 8/28/68 morning Band rehearsal here
Fri 8/29/68 morning Band rehearsal at Monte's
Sat 8/31/68 morning Chip- Monte- Carl- Kim here for rehearsal & lunch
xxx 9/3/68 afternoon Band rehearsal here
Thu 9/5/68 morning Band rehearsal here
Sat 9/7/68 morning Band rehearsal here
Wed 9/11/68 7pm-11:30pm Chip's 1st Assembly dinner dance- Catamaran Hotel
Sat 9/14/68 morning Band rehearsal at David Blair's - Solana Beach
Sun 9/22/68 morning Chip & the band group to Del Mar Fairgrounds for big "Band Festival" [This must be the one where I saw the Grateful Dead, Ike & Tina Turner, and many others]
Fri 9/27/68 10pm-11:15pm Band plays at Skating Rink for dancing- Solana Beach
Sat 9/28/68 2pm Band plays at Sally Johnson's wedding reception - La Fremontia
Sat 10/5/68 5pm Start serving Republican Block Party outdoor buffet dinner in front of Garden Club [It's not mentioned, but our band played for this event on an outdoor stage.]
Sat 10/26/68 evening Chip, Kim & Monte had a band rehearsal in the living room.
Fri 11/22/68 5pm Band here to practice in garage- Chip & Carl had dinner in the kitchen at 6:30.
Fri 11/22/68 7pm The boys left to play at S.D. Military.
Sat 12/14/68 afternoon Chip's band practicing in living room.
1969 10th Grade at San Dieguito High School
Tue 2/18/69 7pm Chip's "Up With People" rehearsal at Oak Crest Jr.High
Tue 2/25/69 7pm Chip's "Up With People" rehearsal at Oak Crest Jr.High
Tue 3/4/69 7pm Chip's "Up With People" rehearsal at Oak Crest Jr. High
Tue 3/14/69 8pm "Up With People" at San Dieguito (Chip in band)
Wed 4/9/69 evening Band rehearsal here.
Thu 4/10/69 7:30pm Chip plays in "Up With People" show at Earl Warren Jr. High
Fri 4/11/69 evening Band rehearsal here.
Sat 4/12/69 7pm Chip- Monte- & David Blair to dance at Palomar w/4 or 5 bands
Fri 4/25/69 7-11:30pm Junior Assembly Dinner Dance.  C took Chip & Whitty [Whitney Todd].  We both brought them back.
Sat 5/3/69 2:30pm Up With People show
Sat 5/3/69 7pm Cast party Solana Skating
Sat 5/17/69 5:30-7pm Chip's band played for Cotillion
Sun 6/1/69 11:15pm Charlie drove Chip to San Dieguito bus for "Up With People" show in Oceanside
Mon 6/2/69 3:30pm I pick up Chip & Monte for Oceanside Music
Wed 6/4/69 3:30pm I pick up Chip for Oceanside Music.
Fri 6/13/69 Last Day of school
Mon 6/16/69 First day of summer school (Chip - Electronics [possibly also behind-the-wheel driver training])- San Dieguito High.
Thu 6/19/69 3pm C&I & Chip leave to p/u David Blair for weekend.
Thu 6/19/69 6:20pm Arrive at Holiday Inn- Woodland Hills
Thu 6/19/69 7pm Monte and Kim arrived.
Fri 6/20/69 4 boys drove with Monte to "Newport 69" rock festival at Devonshire Downs fairgrounds near Valley State College.
Mon 6/23/69 9:25am C&I with Chip and David Blair left hotel for Rancho-  dropping Dave at San Dieguito at 11:35.
Tue 6/29/69 Band here to practice
Wed 6/30/69 Band here to practice in "Pit" [first mention of The Pit]
Fri 7/1/79 Band here to practice in "Pit"
Thu 8/14/69 1pm-3pm Chip gave bass guitar lesson to Howard Liston
Thu 8/14/69 later Rehearsed at Larry Minton's [??? what could this be???]
Tue 8/19/69 evening Chip to "Up With People" rehearsal - Oak Crest
Fri 8/22/69 evening Chip to "Up With People" beach party
Sun 8/24/69 Chip in "Up With People" show at convalescent home in Fallbrook
Tue 8/26/69 evening Chip to "Up With People" rehearsal
Sat 8/30/69 Chip in "Up With People" show at St. Leo Church Fiesta in Eden Gardens
Tue 9/2/69 evening Chip to "Up With People" rehearsal at Oak Crest
Fri 9/5/69 6:15pm p/u Whitney Todd - 2 boys to Assembly at Bahia.
Tue 9/9/69 Chip to "Up With People" rehearsal- Oak Crest
Fri 9/12/69 evening Chip to Solana Skating Rink.  Band plays there from 10-11pm.
Mon 9/15/69 First day of school [11th Grade - San Dieguito High School]
Tue 9/22/69 Up With People rehearsal
Sat 9/27/69 5pm C&I take Chip early to San Dieguito High for "UpWith People" show at bond meeting [school bonds -- I believe the passage of this bond issue paid for Torrey Pines High School as well as many improvements to San Dieguito.]
Tue 9/30/69 Drop off Chip and Laurie Hembrie for Up With People rehearsal
Sat 10/4/69 9:30am I took Chip to San Dieguito High
Sat 10/4/69 11:30am From High to Thrifty for Up With People benefit
Tue 10/7/69 evening Chip's band practiced here
Tue 10/14/69 6:30pm Chip's "Up With People" rehearsal at Oak Crest
Sun 10/19/69 afternoon Band practiced here.
Mon 10/21/69 afternoon Chip & I to Escondido for his driving test [today was my 16th birthday] & my renewal.  Chip passed with a 90.
Mon 10/21/69 6:30pm Chip's "Up With People" rehearsal at Oak Crest. [I drove myself to this (alone).  Quite a milestone]
Fri 11/7/69 Chip to Denise [Ribeiro]'s party
Fri 11/14/69 Chip stayed at school for game & dance.
Sun 11/23/69 9am Chip left for Folk Mass at St. John's Encinitas [Catholic church attended by Denise and her family.  I think this was the only time I attended.  If so I played bass and Denise played guitar]
Wed 12/10/69 Cinnimon Haze Band has lunch today at El Cortez. 2pm: they play for March of Dimes program.
Fri 12/26/69 9pm-12am Chip's band plays at St. Peter's [Episcopal Church in Del Mar] dance.
1970 11th Grade at San Dieguito High School
Fri 1/9/70 evening Chip's band plays at San Dieguito dance
Sat 2/14/70 1:30-5:30pm Band practice here in garage.
Sat 2/14/70 7:30pm The boys Band played for dance at San Dieguito with 2 other bands.
Sun 2/22/70 afternoon Chip had Band rehearsal in garage.
Sun 3/15/70 Chip went to lunch at "Up With People" picnic - San DieguitoPark.
Sat 4/11/70 Chip to Disneyland with Carl & Kim.
Sat 5/16/70 2pm-6am Chip & Band play for San Dieguito After-Prom at San Diego State.
Sat 6/13/70 Band practice here.
Fri 6/19/70 Last day of school (10th grade)
Thu 6/25/70 Band practice here.
Fri 6/26/70 Band plays for dance at Riding Club
Thu 7/30/70 Chip spent Thursday and Friday night sleeping on roof of the "pit"
Sat 8/1/70 6:30pm Carl & Kim for dinner.  Band rehearsal in the "pit".  3 boys slept on roof of the "pit".
Tue 8/11/70 2:30pm Chip Carl & Larry Minton left here in the yellow Dodge sta. wagon for trip to Montana! (2 weeks)
Fri 9/4/70 6:30pm Chip left for Assembly at Catamaran Hotel.
Wed 10/21/70 7:30pm Band practice here in the Pit
Fri 10/23/70 3:45pm Chip's band plays for Oak Crest Halloween Dance
Fri 10/30/70 Band practice in the Pit
Fri 10/30/70 Band played for post-game dance at San Dieguito
Note: the following entry is crossed-off.  I wonder what the story was?
Fri 12/11/70 Senior Assembly formal Christmas Dance - S.D. Country Club.  Chip's band plays.
sat 12/26/70 Chip's band had practice in "The Pit"
Mon 12/28/70 7pm Chip to party at Debbie Kowalski's
Wed 12/30/70 Boys (Chip & Carl) to party at David Porter's.
1971 12th Grade at San Dieguito High School
Wed 1/6/71 Band rehearsal in The Pit
Fri 1/8/71 Chip's band played at Poway Jr. High [must be Meadowbrook Intermediate School]
Sat 2/6/71 Boys had band practice this afternoon
Sat 2/27/71 4:30pm Chip left to go to Disneyland w/Kim & Carl
Sun 3/21/71 Band played at "First Day of Spring" - San Dieguito Park. Chip took 6 gallons of soup. [made the soup the night before with Carl]
Sun 4/18/71 Band practice
Wed 4/28/71 Band practice
Sat 5/15/71 Chip's band played for dance - San Dieguito.  Also for late After-Prom 2-6am [5/15/71 was the date of San Dieguito's prom and we certainly did not play for the prom itself.  Possibly we just played for the after-prom]
Sun 5/30/71 Band practice
Wed 6/16/71 Chip to breakfast at Cookie and Marylou Redd's.
Thu 6/17/71 Graduation ceremony at San Dieguito H.S. athletic field. Chip to party at Etherton's.
Sun 6/27/71 7:30pm Band practice
Tue 6/29/71 7pm Chip to party at Anne Wykoff's
Sat 7/10/71 Chip to party at Larry Turbell's - El Zumaque.
Fri 7/23/71 Mid-day Band practice
Fri 8/27/71 4:30am Chip left in camper for a second 2-week trip- this time up north. [The highlight of this trip was visiting Nancy Fisher in Cotati]
Mon 9/6/71 About 1:30 Chip arrived home (from Mammoth) after 10 day trip as far north as Eureka.
Fri 9/17/71 Chip & Band play for after game dance at Vista High School.
Sat 9/18/71 Chip & Band play at San Marcos.
Note: School starts at UCSD end of September, and my parents travel to Europe 9/29 - 10/31/71.  My mom's calendar has no other band entries for 1971, but I think we played at least a couple of times besides the recorded Poway High in December.
12/31/71 1pm Chip & Jim Pierce here for lunch.  Both moving into house in Cardiff. [I moved from the UCSD dorms into a house in Cardiff with newlyweds Jim and Virginia (Bird) Pierce.  Carl and David both eventually move into this house.]
1972 Freshman at UC San Diego
There are no gigs indicated in 1972.
Sun 3/12/72 Afternoon Band rehearsal in Pit (Chip- Monte- Kim- Dave)
Sat 3/18/72 10:30 Chip & Mimi Selly met here for motorcycling.
I drop out of UCSD after the Winter quarter.
Sun 4/2/72 6 or 7am Chip leaves this a.m. taking Cookie and Mary Lou Redd to U.C. Santa Cruz and then on north. [I think it was just Cookie at UCSC.  Don't remember where Mary Lou went, maybe CalPoly?]
Sat 4/15/72 3pm Chip came over and (6pm) had dinner with us. 6:30pm Band practice.  They all went to a party at Fred Franklin's.
Thu 4/20/72 evening Band practice in The Pit
Tue 5/2/72 - Sat 5/6/72 Chip hitchhiking trip to Carlsbad Caverns.  [Went with a friend from UCSD.  This was my first overnight hitchhiking trip]
Sat 5/6/72 8pm Monte- Kim- Dave & 2 girls- also Bob Bagley [who's that?] for band practice.  Chip did not attend. [Really?  I wonder why not.]
Thu 5/25/72 Band practice here.
Fri 5/26/72 Band practice here. [This is the last record of any band practice.  It's not clear whether Carl is here]
Wed 5/31/72 Chip left on long hitchhiking trip to South- East and North. [Travelled to Key West- Maine- Colorado and then home.  Gone 5 weeks]
Mon 6/5/72 Boys in Band had "jam" session in The Pit [Chip is gone]
Mon 6/19/72 Boys in Band had "jam" session in The Pit [Chip is gone]
Sun 6/25/72 Kim & friends trying new fuzz-box in the Pit
Fri 6/30/72 Kim & 2 friends parked here at noon and hiked to Black Mt. for the night. [Kim recalls that I went with him on this trip, but that is evidently not the case.]
Mon 7/3/72 Chip walked in at about 2pm. [Return from 5 week tour of USA]
Sun 7/17/72 Chip & Tyler Sperry come over to work in The Pit.
Fri 8/1/72 Chip left on hitch-hiking trip to North. [I visited Barbara Rotsheck in Grass Valley then wound up spending a week with a pseudo-Christian cult in Alturas.]
Wed 8/13/72 Chip returned from almost 2 weeks.
Mon 8/18/72 Chip left early for the north in VW Camper. [This is the start of a very long trip, about 2 1/2 months.  I crossed Canada with Liz Adelski (Bob's sister), met up with my parents in Boston, and did lots more.]
Sun 11/1/72 Chip arrived home.
Tue 11/14/72 Chip reported at Minear Corp.- Ken Stone.  Half-day job- 5 days/week.
Mon 12/18/72 6pm Jenny & Bill Lawrence for dinner.  They worked on Chip's train in the basement.
Tue 12/2/72 Chip out for dinner w/Bob Adelski & Lorraine Mestman.

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