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Links: This is my effort to fit all the key people and events that were our band into a consistant time frame.  It is still a work in progress -- there many fuzzy areas, and we're not even close listing all the gigs we played.  As each former band member and friend has shared their memories, it has helped to fill in some of the blanks, or sometimes has raised new questions and problems.

Were you there?  I would very much like to continue to refine and add to this, so please send me any additions, changes, or especially any memories that come to mind. 
 -- Chip Chapin.

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New! The chronology has been updated using recently discovered notes in Chip's mother's engagement calendars.  7/12/00
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Quack and the Pneumatic Ducks

Bill Lawrence, 8th grade
Bill Lawrence - Lead Guitar
Carl Geiberger, 8th grade
Carl Geiberger - Organ 
(but doesn't have one yet)
Kim Hujsak, 8th grade
Kim Hujsak - Rhythm Guitar
Monte Etherton, 8th grade
Monte Etherton - Wannabe Drummer
(never played, no instrument)
Larry Minton, 8th grade
Larry Minton - Autoharp,
with intent to get mandolin.
Chris Kane, 8th grade
Chris Kane - Clarinet
Chip Chapin, 8th grade
Chip Chapin - Wannabe Drummer
(never played, no instrument)
Quack and the Pneumatic Ducks: 
8th Grade, Fall, 1966 
(Earl Warren 1967 Caballitos yearbook)
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Mach Seven

The Suzie Calen Era

Suzie Calen, 9th grade
Suzie Calen, 9th grade (1968 Caballitos)
Suzie Calen and Diane Gossard, 8th grade
Suzie with Diane Gossard, 8th grade (1967 Caballitos)
Chip: I don't remember exactly what prompted the name change, but fundamentally a bunch of 13 or 14-year olds called "Quack and the Pneumatic Ducks" were just hard to take seriously.  "Mach 7" seemed to connote a more serious enterprise.  However, the name suffers from being ambiguous in pronunciation and somewhat obscure: it was usually necessary to spell out M-a-c-h for people, and often to explain what it meant (mach 1 = the speed of sound, mach 7 meaning "seven times the speed of sound").

Cinnimon Haze

David Blair, 9th grade
David Blair, 9th grade (1968 Caballitos)
David: I remember being somewhat envious when you all formed Quack and the Pneumatic Ducks so I decided to start my own band.  I don’t remember if we ever had a name, and I can only remember one other member, the guitarist, George Nameth [probably Nasif -- chip] .  I had a homemade amplifier built into an old wooden hi-fi stereo cabinet and we played “Louie Louie” and “The Little Black Egg with the Little White Specks” over and over and over again.   Failing to get any paying gigs, the band soon broke up and I turned my attention to figuring out what I could do to become a part of your group.  I don’t know if the name had yet officially been changed to “Cinnimon Haze” or if I had anything at all to do with the odd spelling of the name, but my spelling and handwriting have always been bad enough that I certainly could have!  I had already been asked sometime earlier to be on the Dance Committee for The Cotillion which was held at the Garden Club in RSF and one of the our duties was to pick a band for the end of the season party.  I asked you guys if I could act as your manager, something that every successful band really should have, if I could get you a paying job.  My fee: a mere 15% of the contract, a real bargain, as most managers got 25% I explained.
Cinnimon Haze business card
Cinnimon Haze, April 1968 Cinnimon Haze with Suzie Calen
April 1968 
Chip's house in Rancho

Click on image for more April 68 pix.

Chip: We were going to a gig when these "April 68" pictures were taken.  But my mom's calendar lists no gigs in April.  So either there was an omission or these were from earlier in the year.

The David Blair Era

Carl Geiberger, 1969
Carl Geiberger
David Blair, 10th grade, 1969
David Blair
Lead singer, Management
Monte Etherton, 10th grade, 1969
Monte Etherton
Kim Hujsak, 10th grade, 1969
Kim Hujsak
Cinnimon Haze with David Blair
10th Grade 
(San Dieguito H.S. 1969 Hoofprint)
Chip Chapin, 10th grade, 1969
Chip Chapin
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Cinnimon Haze: Outstanding in their field
Publicity photo taken in field adjacent to Chip's house in RSF.  View to the south shows virgin hills of Fairbanks Ranch.

Note the reversed lettering on the kick drum.  Monte had a double bass kit with the band name written in black on white on one drum, and in mirror image in white on black for the other drum.  For this photo he only used the reversed drum.
It took us a while to figure this out.

Click photo for larger image.

Cinnimon Haze c. 1969
(l-r) Kim, Carl, David, Chip, Monte


Debbie Deloy
the future Mrs. Etherton
San Dieguito H.S. Hoofprint, 1969
Chip and Carl in the Pit, May 1971 May 1971, Chip and Carl at practice in The Pit.

Part of a set of 1971 photos by Chip's mother.  Click on the picture to see the whole set.

Membrane after High School: 1971

1972: The Band Breaks Up

When I first started the project to figure out the whole "Cinnimon Haze" chronology I wrote down the following: "1972: Sometime during the first half of the year, the band just fades away as we go our separate ways.  Or maybe I just faded away: I drop out of school, give away many possessions, give up soap, and hitchhike around the USA with no money."

Since then I've had the unique opportunity to refresh my memory from my mother's calendars.  The last band practice mentioned in her notes was on May 26, 1972.   Five days later I began a series of long treks across the USA, largely alone, either hitchhiking or by car, which kept me away from home almost continuously until November.  I have to admit that my own absences contributed greatly to the band's end.  When I returned in November we were all very different people and the band was dead.

Those of you who kept in close touch with me during the period 1972-1973 (mostly Monte, Kim and David) know that substance abuse led to some serious problems for me.  I thank God for the patience of my friends and family, and for allowing me to survive those years without a criminal record and with my mind mostly intact.
-- Chip Chapin

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