Cinnimon Haze Pictures -- April 1968

Links: Yes, that's how we spelled it.  I think the variant spelling of "cinnamon" was unintentional -- just a mistake.  Carl claims to recall that we needed the narrower spacing to fit on Monte's drum head.   Whatever the reason, once committed, we stuck with it.
 -- Chip Chapin.
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We used to be...
Mach 7
"Seven Times the Speed of Sound"

But then there were only six of us so we became...

Cinnimon Haze

SuC (Suzie) Calen -- vocals
Bill Lawrence -- lead guitar
Carl Geiberger -- keyboards
Kim Hujsak -- rhythm guitar
Monte Etherton -- drums
Chip Chapin -- bass

Cinnimon Haze (including SuC)
Click on each image to see a much larger (960x960) version of it (about 140KB each).
Rancho Santa Fe, California, April 1968.
These pictures were taken by my mother, Helen G. Chapin.
I believe we practiced, then changed clothes and left for a gig.
Bill Lawrence - a Swell Guy <--
Lead guitarist Bill Lawrence on the Fender Mustang.
The album on the stereo appears to be "The Lovin' Spoonful's Greatest Hits".

Remember, "BL is Swell"

Carl Geiberger, A.R.O., master of the keys.  The combo organ was obtained wholesale with the help of Monte's Dad.  This is not the Heathkit Vox which he used later.
Carl Geiberger - A.R.O.
Kim Hujsak, a.k.a. Machine Gun Mike Kim Hujsak (later to achieve fame as "Machine Gun Mike") on rhythm guitar, looking relaxed and competent. 
Note the lead vocal mike next to him.  I wonder where Suzie was during these pictures?  I have a very dim recollection that she was getting her hair done, and it does look very nice in the pic at top.
Chip Chapin (that's me) on bass,
Monte Etherton on drums, and
Kim Hujsak on guitar.

Lot's of cool details in this pic:
  -- We're all playing our first instruments.  My first bass is a Japanese Hofner "Beatle Bass"-style that Monte got for me wholesale.  That's also how Monte got his Norma drum kit.  Kim's guitar is a Harmony Rocket, later sold to former band-mate Larry Minton.  My classic tube amp had 1-15 and two 6L6s.  Even in practice it was barely loud enough, but it made a good seat.
  -- Note Kim's big amp.  No wonder I was never loud enough.  I believe he built the cab himself.  That's a stereo amp on top.
  -- Some nice details of the old house in RSF.  On display in the background is the 1934 photo album which my Dad liberated from Julius Streicher's schloss in Bavaria.

Chip, Monte and Kim
Chip and Carl Smile, Chip!  Yeah, that's me wearing a typically sour expression.  "Aw, Mom!  Quit taking photos, you're embarrassing me!"  Carl on keys and Monte's drumstick in motion. 

The speaker column behind Carl was our PA.  We actually took out a bank loan in the name of "The Cinnimon Haze Group" to buy the single column, an amp, and a microphone.  No monitors.  In fact, I used to think these pix were from our "Mach 7" days until I saw the PA column.

My mother mounted these six pictures in an album page and gave copies to each band member.  I can't find mine, but Kim Hujsak kindly provided me with his copy.

The 3.5"x3.5" prints were scanned at 600 dpi and cropped to 1920x1920 pixels.  The large size is nice for zooming in on details but really too large for web distribution.  The images were then reduced to the sizes on this page, and to the 960x960 images that you can get by clicking.  Write me if you want the larger formats (about 450KB each).

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