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Earl Warren Junior High School, Solana Beach CA:  In 1966, a group of 7th graders caught a vision that was more than being "musicians": we wanted to be a Band.  For six years we worked toward that goal.  Our commitment of ourselves to that dream and to each other never brought fame or even a record.  In 1972 we went our separate ways, seeming to leave no trace.  But for me, to uncover and tell the story of our band is to sift for meaning in the dust of my youth.  For our children it may offer a personal glimpse into the lives of their parents, and into the fast-changing face of late-60s America.  Perhaps most important, it's a way to swap stories of the old days and reconnect with our oldest friends, all while trying to recover memories that are truly.... Hazy.

Starting with Quack and the Pneumatic Ducks in 1966 or 67, and continuing until 1972 under the names Mach 7, Cinnimon Haze, and finally Membrane, this is the story of our band, as well as the bands founded by Larry and Bill: Hangtown, Volcano and Whiskey Flats Resistance Band. and Woody Duke and his Rhythm Riders.  Our story didn't end in 1972, so you can also read Where Are They Now?   And it's almost as much about the music and times, so be sure to see the Lifetime Song List.  When you're finished, read our Guestbook and leave some comments.
 -- Chip Chapin.

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